An astonishing natural curiosity in the southern Vosges mountains

This resurgence is distinguished by its turquoise blue colour in summer and royal blue in winter.

The chasm is 35m deep and 90m in diameter, and can be reached via a short woodland path about 500m long, or by longer hiking trails from the surrounding villages. A relaxing atmosphere reigns here in a green setting!
A development project has been launched to add picnic tables and information panels. Be sure to keep your children close to you on this walk, as the chasm is a dangerous place. Swimming is forbidden, even for those brave enough to brave the 11°C water!

The whole family is sure to love this spot, so don't forget your camera!

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A walk to the Planey spring

The best thing is to see it for yourself!

The spring is accessible all year round via a 500m path from the car park or via walks starting from the surrounding villages.

Every 3 weeks during the high season, our guides offer guided tours of the village of Anjeux and the Planey spring. Contact us if you want to bok a tour in english ! 


History & Heritage

The village of Anjeux

The nearby village of Anjeux is an architectural curiosity. The church of Saint-Remi stands out, with its bell tower, unusual in Haute-Saône, and its contemporary stained glass windows dating from 1998. The stained glass windows were designed by Pierre BASSARD and master glassworkers Christiane CARTIGNIES and Michel LIEBY.

Along the trail, you'll find information panels explaining the history of Anjeux, which was greatly affected by the terrible period of the witch trials, as well as the village's little treasures (wash-house, fountains, art bridge, remains, etc.).

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