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Luxeuil ham: a history of taste

Luxeuil ham is part of the Comtois tradition of salted and smoked products, which dates back to the practices of the Sequans, the Gallic people who settled in what is now Franche-Comté. It was first mentioned in the 19th century.

A gastronomic product, it follows a recipe and strict specifications:

- It is made exclusively from pigs labelled Porcs de Haute-Saône or Porcs de Franche-Comté.

- It is rubbed by hand with old-fashioned dry salt and flavoured with red wine (from Arbois IGP or IGP de Haute-Saône), juniper berries, spices and herbs.

- The minimum maturing period is 9 months, and 11 months for the "Grande Réserve" ham.

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A head-turning treat!

The Luxeuil "tourbillon"

In 2021, during the television competition "La meilleure boulangerie de France" on M6, the finalists from Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Drouhet in Luxeuil created the Luxeuil tourbillon. The tourbillon was born in response to the Mayor's appeal to craftsmen to promote this product.

Focaccia bread, onion jam with red wine and Morello cherry juice, and the famous Luxeuil ham, all rolled up and held together by a raffia string.

Put it in the oven to caramelise the sides while keeping the heart melting, and you're done! A real treat!

Look at the TV show !

The people behind Luxeuil ham

Shops, drying sheds, farms, restaurants - Luxeuil ham would not be possible without these passionate craftsmen and women!

To protect a top-of-the-range product

The Luxeuil Ham Craftsmen's Association

In 2017, discussions began between the various members of the sector on a plan to safeguard Luxeuil ham. The end of production by Bazin in 2018 made urgent to relaunch the production.

The aim? To build up a strong core of committed participants (breeders, producers, pork butchers, institutions: Luxeuil town hall and Tourist Office, etc.) to develop and promote Luxeuil ham. Strict specifications have been drawn up to ensure the quality of this product.

Today, a great dynamic has been created around this tasty, top-of-the-range product. It's now commonplace to find it on the shelves of butcher's shops and on the menus of local restaurants!

This collective effort has been rewarded by the award of the "Remarkable Taste Site" label in 2022, alongside Fougerolles for cherries and Kirsch and Val d'Ajol for andouille.

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The production of Luxeuil ham

From the pig farm in Saint-Bresson, the GAEC La Montagne to producer Arnaud Daval's drying room, Oscar & Felix, set off to discover the spa town's flagship product: Luxeuil ham!

Visit the drying room!

Follow Arnaud into his Luxeuil ham drying room to find out more about the history of the product and the place you're about to visit. Here, all your senses are awakened... Can you smell the wood fire when Arnaud opens the door to the smokehouse? It's not impossible that you'll take it home with you... And the almost geometric beauty of the hams lined up by the dozens in the various drying sheds is a sight for sore eyes! As for your taste buds, they won't be outdone by the tasting awaiting you at the end of the tour!

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