A museum, 2000 years of history: the Ecclesia

In a contemporary building designed by a local architect, history reveals the riches of the Ecclesia, which houses the remains of the church of Saint-Martin.

The museum is open to the public on a self-guided or guided tour!

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A nice walk in Luxeuil

The heritage trail

In Luxeuil-les-Bains, the heritage trail takes in most of the town's 17 historic monuments, following the bronze studs along the way.

QR codes located near points of interest can be flashed to provide audio explanations (in German, English, Dutch, Italian and French).

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Etienne KOPP
Art & archéology

La Tour des Echevins

Open the door of one of France's oldest museums for its archaeological collections, its exhibition of local artists and its breathtaking views over the city!

La Tour des Echevins
Etienne KOPP
A local artist

Jules Adler's Museum

Since 2022, Luxeuil-les-Bains has had its own art museum! It is dedicated to the Luxeuil painter Jules Adler and his realistic paintings. 3 rooms accessible from the Luxeuil library to discover his life and work.

Le Musée Jules Adler, peintre des humbles

Luxeuil's heritage treasures...

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Heritage around Luxeuil

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