The ultimate eau de vie!

To make Kirsch de Fougerolles AOC you need: a terroir, cherries and 100% local know-how.

Office de Tourisme de Luxeuil-les-Bains, Vosges du Sud
Small in size, big in taste!

Cherries, the star fruit of Fougerolles!

Office de Tourisme de Luxeuil-les-Bains, Vosges du Sud
From cherry to glass

AOC Kirsch: historic know-how

The distillers take advantage of the quieter winter months to distil their cherry harvest on their farms. In addition to the traditional Fougerolles AOC Kirsch, each distiller produces original recipes: Lo cul dra haut, guignolet and Griottines are enjoyed as aperitifs, digestives or incorporated into creative recipes.

Once the precious beverage has been produced, it is stored in glass carboys (old-fashioned cans in a woven wicker case), in attics for ageing at varying temperatures.

Some producers still use the traditional bottle, the bô, to sell their Kirsch.

OT Luxeuil-les-Bains, Vosges du Sud
Did you know ?

Fougerolles: noticed and remarkable!

Fougerolles is classified as a Remarkable Taste Site: this distinction highlights a region and its traditions linked to its gourmet treasure, Kirsch. Since 2018, cherry growing has been listed as part of France's intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture, a great accolade!

With this label, Fougerolles is proving its desire to share more and more of this culinary heritage!

Here you'll see that Kirsch isn't just "the hooch" that grandfather brought out of the cupboard! It's a fascinating savoir-faire, brought to life by passionate people: distillers, farm producers, restaurants, museums and tourist routes... they'll open their doors to you to delight and amaze you!

11 villages in the AOC Kirsch area
2010 Year the AOC was obtained
9 kg of cherries for 1l of Kirsch
10000 cherry trees bloom in spring

Fougerolles has 3 major distilleries.

to understand, visit and buy!

For a guided tour or window-shopping in their shops, visit our distillers to find out more about their history, expertise and products. For yourself, or to treat someone else!

These professional distillers offer a wide range of products: eaux-de-vie, liqueurs, creams, spirit-based products, etc. made from cherries, but not only!

Distillerie Devoille
Le schrik, c'est chic !

A new liqueur for new cocktail ideas

Calling all cocktail and mixology enthusiasts! This new liqueur, created in 2020 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the AOC, is just for you! It combines the power of Kirsch with a touch of freshness from the Vosges mountains! You can use it as a base for many original cocktails: mojito schrik, green kir, etc.

Although it is subject to strict specifications, each producer is allowed a little creative freedom.

More about Schrik



Direct from the farm

Farms and distillers, producers of Kirsch

In this pretty corner of the countryside around Fougerolles, you'll come across meadow orchards, where cows graze under cherry trees. The farms often distil the cherries from their orchards alongside their livestock.

Rediscover the spirit of yesteryear with these distillers! In the old days, they used to make "la goutte" for family and neighbours. Now they do it for you! And to complete the picture, they also sell 100% local farm produce: honey, munster cheese, jam, etc.

Oscar & Felix

Visit a distillery

Oscar & Felix came to visit the Southern Vosges and, in the course of their adventures, met Céline de Miscault from the Distillerie Devoille in Fougerolles: a visit that appeals to all the senses! Smell the lingering aromas of fruit in the still room, touch the braiding of the ladyjeans in the ageing loft, observe the colour of the brandies in their glass bottles...

(Video filmed in 2021)

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