Cherry Red

The cherry is one of the specialities of the Southern Vosges and more specifically of Fougerolles! It is available in griottines®, jam, liqueur, aperitives and of course, the famous kirsch AOC.

Passion of glass

Verrerie La Rochère: products from one of the oldest glass factories in France, where glassmakers still blow glass to create unique pieces: vases, cups, glasses, carafes, etc.

Gift Box

Customise the inside of our boxes yourself with the wonders of the producers present in the shop! Personalise your gift and ask our team for advice!

Price: 7€ per box

Book selection

A book selection for all tastes: heritage enthusiasts (book on the heritage of Luxeuil, on the &cclesia, 100 years of history of the air base 116, ...), nature lovers (hiking guides, book on local flora and fauna, ...), and other works (comics, 101 words of thermalism, ...).

Wellness and cosmetic products

Soaps, oils, home perfumes, herbal teas,... A selection of trendy and 100% local products, to take care of yourself.

Gourmet specialities

Vinegars, salts, tapenades, jams, syrups,... You will find everything you need to honour the local gastronomy on your table, and keep the taste of our region.

Gift shop - 116 Air base

Exclusive products from the famous air base 116 of Luxeuil-Saint-Sauveur, in partnership with the Tony Papin Committee. Find caps, mugs, key rings, plates, patches, as well as model planes (rafales, mirages-2000, ...).

Souvenir items

A whole range of souvenirs to take with you before the end of your stay: key rings, bookmarks, mugs, magnets, etc. From 3€.

We are also at your service to prepare gift baskets for all types of family or professional events.
Contact us on 03 84 40 06 41!

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