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Fougerolles' Ecomuseum

Teddy Verneuil

Fougerolles, the cherry capital, opens the doors to a unique region. Its history is closely linked to the development of distilleries, cherry growing and AOC Kirsch. This history is revealed in the beautiful Ecomuseum, a former industrial distillery featuring collections of objects from yesteryear.

Whether you're with the family, in a group or on your own, treat yourself to an unforgettable visit!

Discover the Ecomuseum

Specialities from Fougerolles: cherries and AOC Kirsch!

Distillerie Devoille
L'or noir des Vosges du Sud

Dérivés autour de la cerise

As summer approaches, it's time to savour the little black juicy fruit: the famous guigne de Fougerolles! Producers are inspired by the flavours of the cherry to create their signature products.

Food lovers, discover the typical products of Fougerolles!

Griottes, Griottines®, et autres spécialités fougerollaises
Office de Tourisme de Luxeuil-les-Bains, Vosges du Sud
AOC since 2010

Fougerolles' Kirsch

Distillers put their energy and know-how into producing the local spirit: Kirsch!

Made from cherries, it is the pride of the locals and a source of curiosity for travellers passing through...

Kirsch & distilleries

Fougerolles distilleries: open the door to the production workshops!

To find out more, let the Fougerollais producers guide you through their expertise!

Fougerolles, a land of tastes!

Did you know ?

At the gateway to the Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park, Fougerolles-Saint-Valbert covers just over 5 hectares. Its landscapes and those of the Kirsch appellation zone are dominated by the pre-verger orchards, a local feature of the large-scale production of cherries, a speciality of the area.

This speciality has been developed over the years, in particular with Kirsch, which obtained its AOC in 2010, but also thanks to the many derivative recipes devised by local distilleries and distillers. This cherry-based culture has earned the region the label Site Remarquable du Goût (Outstanding Taste Site), as well as being listed as part of France's intangible cultural heritage.

In spring, the magic happens in and around Fougerolles...

In April, almost 10,000 cherry trees blossom in the Kirsch AOC zone. It's a very short-lived magic (2 weeks at most), much appreciated by locals and visitors alike!

The landscapes are full of Japanese flair, with occasional walks organised to take in the explosion of pink blossom. Our advice: admire the view from the Blanzey viewpoint!

Of course, we can't predict the exact date, which is usually around mid-April. To keep up to date with the cherry blossom season, follow the social networks of the Ecomusée and the Fougerolles distilleries!

Cherry festivals !

Fougerolles hosts a number of key events throughout the year, bringing people together to celebrate local specialities!

In pictures...

Visualise your future gourmet holiday in Fougerolles! Discoveries, history and new flavours to create wonderful memories with family, friends or lovers!

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