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Land of know-how

In Haute-Comté

The Communauté de Communes de Haute-Comté lies to the south of our destination, stretching from Fougerolles to Saint-Loup-sur-Semouse and Passavant-la-Rochère. It groups together 37 communes and over 17,000 inhabitants. With the La Rochère glassworks, the Cité du Meuble conservatory and distilleries, Haute-Comté is a land of expertise!

Haute-Comté : discovering know how
French Wanderers
Dive into history and relaxation

Le Pays de Luxeuil

116 Air Base, Luxovian heritage, the Ecclesia archaeological museum or relaxing at the thermal baths, we present here a wide range of activities available in this part of our destination.

Pays de Luxeuil: relaxation & heritage
Etienne KOPP
Nature and authenticity

Le triangle vert

The Communauté de Communes du Triangle Vert (CCTV) covers 42 communes between Luxeuil-les-Bains, Lure and Vesoul. A nature destination, as its name suggests, the Triangle Vert is dotted with rural landscapes, forests and green plains.


Le Triangle Vert, authenticity and nature
Beyond borders...

Further afield in the Southern Vosges

Haute-Saône and the Vosges du Sud are home to some remarkable tourist attractions! Castles, leisure centers, military forts, protected natural areas - there's something for everyone!

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