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The heritage trail has 14 stops throughout the town. You'll have the opportunity to discover the most emblematic monuments in Luxeuil-les-Bains, among them, 17 are listed as historic monuments.

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Architecture, history, archaeology and beautiful stonework are all part of the heritage trail. Take a stroll, look around, look up: Luxeuil-les-Bains is full of surprises!

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Our guides will give you a brief description of the themes covered along the Heritage Trail. 

The spa quarter
Adrien Michel / CTS

Hot springs have been used to treat health problems since ancient times. The current thermal baths were built over the ancient foundations in the 18th century. A veritable spa quarter then developed, and the Rue Carnot, nicknamed the "52-balcony street", is a fine example of this.

Old city center
Itinera Magica

Luxeuil town centre has some magnificent residences, of which the Tour des Échevins is the tallest at 33 metres. It was built by the Jouffroy family, who also built the Maison du Cardinal Jouffroy and embellished the Maison du Bailli.

Along the way, you'll come across the Maison François Ier and its beautiful arcades. A little further on, you can listen to the water of the Morbief running through the old wash-house.

The abbey quarter
Jérôme ROSSI

Saint-Colomban Abbey was founded in the 6th century by the Irish monk of the same name and remained in existence until the French Revolution. Today, the statue of Saint Columban greets you at the entrance to the Saint Pierre and Saint Paul Basilica, in which you can find the double listed 17th century organ.

Wander through the 15th-century cloister and continue your visit at the end of the north gallery with the Lace Conservatory.


Go back in time thanks to the archaeological remains on display in Luxeuil. At the Ecclesia, the Saint-Martin site reveals all the secrets of its medieval church and its 150 sarcophagi.

The Fours de potiers (potters' kilns) site, meanwhile, bears witness to craft production in the ancient city of Luxovium.

In the eyes of... Theobald

Theobald is an artist who publishes his work on Instagram. The city's heritage is one of his favourite subjects! His work can also be found in the form of postcards and prints in the Tourist Office shop.

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