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The most beautiful villages in the Southern Vosges

The small villages of Haute-Saône are full of charm! Discover them all with our selection. The list is not exhaustive, so let yourself be carried along wherever the pretty roads take you!

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Anjeux village and blue spring


A heritage trail tells the story of this small village, the setting for a witch hunt. In the centre, the church of Saint-Rémi will surprise you with its flamboyantly coloured contemporary stained glass windows. Finish your walk at the Planey spring, famous for its mysterious blue water..

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Charming city in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté


This village, listed as a "Cité de caractère", will charm you with its church, its medieval village and its timber-framed covered market. The Place du Château and its wash-house will take you back in time.

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village haute saone citers
Follow the water...


As well as the church and the calvaries, the streets of Citers are lined with fountains and wash-houses. Some are monumental, others are still in use, and they're all there to be admired!

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This village has a few special features: a 19th-century fountain crowned by a statue of Napoleon I, a town hall and its clock with automata, and an astonishing cemetery of the Pestiférés.

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Teddy Verneuil
On the banks of the Canal de l'Est


Historically attached to the seigneury of Vauvillers, boatmen played a key role in the town's economy until the 19th century. The town's surprising swing bridge bears witness to this.

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cerre les noroy village Haute Saone
Its wash-house and unusual church


The church of Saint-Maurice, rebuilt in the 18th century, features colourful decoration and a variety of furnishings. Water is also very much in evidence here, with three fountains, one of which is horseshoe-shaped.

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saint bresson vosges du sud
OT Luxeuil-les-Bains, Vosges du Sud


You have to venture into the foothills of the Vosges to find this village, renowned for its major agricultural fair. A chalot awaits you at the foot of the church with its Comtois bell tower. It's also a great starting point for walks with superb views.

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haute saone ehuns
OT Luxeuil-les-Bains, Vosges du Sud


If you're in awe of the original monuments, the semi-circular fountain in the heart of the town is sure to impress. You can also venture into an area nicknamed "Caesar's Camp".

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Raddon et chapendu
OT Luxeuil-les-Bains, Vosges du Sud


Nestling in the Breuchin valley, this village is best known for its famous wood festival. But don't forget its fine architectural heritage: a church with an imperial dome, several chalots and numerous fountains along the way!

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passavant la rochere
Etienne KOPP


This peaceful village is renowned for being home to one of the oldest glassworks in France. But there are other treasures to be found here too: the church of Notre-Dame and the ancient Château de Passavant, whose keep can still be seen. For a view not to be missed, head for the chapel of Saint-Antoine!

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Fougerolles, known as the "cherry country" or "Kirsch capital", has kept alive the traditions of centuries gone by through its famous distilleries and its Ecomuseum. The "Traces de cerise" trail will also take you through the town centre, where the church of Saint-Etienne is a must-see!

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Part of the AOC "Kirsch de Fougerolles" area, this village has several religious buildings not to be missed. The chapel and grotto of La Chaudeau, and the church of the Decollation of Saint John the Baptist are sure to charm you.

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